Accountable to God: Day 30

February 17, 2012 

Today’s Text:  Colossians 4:1 “Masters, give unto your servants that which is just and equal; knowing that ye also have a Master in heaven.”

Today’s Key Thought: A wise steward of their vocation exemplifies Christ in their leadership.

The climb of the corporate ladder is most working people’s dream. To get to the top, is the ultimate goal. Some of us have made it, others are on their way. God rewards the diligent and it is not wrong to desire success in the workplace. God has something to say to everyone who is in leadership, regardless of whether it is in the workplace, at home, or anywhere. Those in the position of authority are told to give a fair and equal payment to their workers. It’s not a new idea that a subtle way to get ahead unethically as a leader, is to short your employees wages, benefits, and holidays; ungodly leaders have been doing it for generations. God’s view, however, is different. God’s desire is for those in leadership to treat those under them fairly and equally according to their work. This is not only a godly way to be a leader, but it’s also an incentive for workers to work hard for a fair share of opportunity and benefit. A leader who treats their workers in fairness and equality according to their work, exemplifies Christ in their work ethic, as they remember that they also have a heavenly leader, their Father in heaven.

If we asked those under your authority about how you treat them,  what do you think they would say? Your children, your colleges, your students, your workers, your volunteers? If you are in a position of leadership, God has given you this position so that you might exemplify your heaven master, the Lord, in your work ethic. Today’s challenge is simple, analyze how you treat those under your authority and find a way to treat them fairly and equally to their level of work.

4 thoughts on “Accountable to God: Day 30

  1. Mafalda

    I treat people under my authority?? I did not realize that… I’m not really the leadership kinda girl and I’m not a follower either so I really don’t know what I am. So I think I treat people fairly and sometimes not fair but I’m working on that I’m trying to treat people as they would treat me with fairness hehe.

  2. Blake via

    I don’t have a lot of authority but I do have sum authority of my little brother Ben and my little sister Emily sometimes my Mom and Dad will go out to dinner or something it doesin’t really madder but I can treat my younger brother and sister with respect I don’t have to treat them like trash and like there not important but just treat them how a loving person would.

  3. Alexis

    I don’t really have a lot of authority right now. Like Blake said, the only person I can think of would be my younger brother! It’s kinda different than having authority over someone in a workplace. I think as an older sister, I like to tease my brother a lot and pick on him, mainly because I’m older than he is. But that’s not right. Because I’m older I should be setting a good example for my brother, and picking on him is not being a good example! My mom always used to say when I would tease Ben that one day he’ll be bigger (or taller) than me, and he’ll get to do the teasing. Slowly that’s happening 😉 Anyways, good devotion today! And Mafalda and Blake, I’m proud of you two for getting on here today! 🙂 We need more teens on here!

  4. Tristian Lechien

    When I went on yesterday.. I didn’t c a devotional? Lol but it’s on here now. And I agree with Alexis tht we should more teens on here! We had so many and now most r gone but I’m happy and so proud of the ones who got one! 🙂 and with the devo.. I was just like Mafalda. I have other people under my authority? Lol but ya I realize tht with my younger brother just like Blake said and tht when my parents or something im in charge so I have to watch over my brother. Well I’m sorry I got on late but didn’t c it yesterday on the site so I’m on today! 🙂 c u guys tmrw! 🙂

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