Accountable to God- Day 32

February 21, 2012
Today’s Text: Genesis 41
Today’s Key Thought:  A wise steward of their resources plans for emergencies.

You and I live in a culture that sees our resources go out faster than they come in. Living life in a sin cursed world makes us eligible for times of emergency that we can’t plan for. When emergencies come, this kind of lifestyle then has to be subsidized, which causes you and I to live life owing others. As managers of God’s resources, we must learn to live with a plan better than this. Chances are good that there will be a $2,000 – $ 8,000 whammy coming your way in your lifetime. A wise steward of God’s resources entrusted to them, plans for these times ahead. In Genesis 41, God allows Joseph to foresee a 7 year emergency which would cripple the Middle East and northern Africa. In Godly wisdom, Joseph leads Pharaoh to build an emergency stockpile of resources against the 7 year agricultural emergency. As believers learn to live life within a budget of their resources with Biblical wisdom, they must learn to put aside a good stockpile of emergency funds as a method of insuring the assets God has blessed them with. The wisdom God gave to Joseph is also the wisdom we should have in preparing for life’s unexpected emergencies.

If you are like the normal American citizen, you do not have anything stockpiled for those times of emergency which WILL COME! A wise steward goes into life with a plan for emergencies. Credit cards are not a wise plan for the resources God has entrusted to you. Begin (if you have not) or continue (if you have) an emergency fund which will help you be prepared the seasons of financial famine that are headed your way. If you’re living, you will have some financial tribulation. A wise steward is prepared!

7 thoughts on “Accountable to God- Day 32

  1. Laura

    As I said in yesterday’s devotional we are enrolled in the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University. These are very timely devotionals for me. We have not made the best financial decisions over the years. We have had to rely on credit cards to get us out of trouble at different points in our marriage. We have made countless bad decisions over the years and have not lived within our means. As I write this I can honestly say that we would be in trouble if a crisis came our way. Not a good place to be in. On the bright side, we are being pro-active about this situation, and are willing to do what it takes to start telling our money where to go and living within a budget. I know this won’t be easy but it is time to grow up. I encourage all you young people to not make the mistakes we have made. You guys all have an opportunity to start out right and have a good financial situation. You are never to young to learn this concept. We are on our way down a better road. In the Dave Ramsey class, the first “baby step” is to have $1000- emergency fund. We do have this so we are one step closer to financial freedom. The other steps I am sure will become more challenging, but it is not a choice. We must face the facts and get our financial life in order. My advice, stay away from credit cards.

  2. Graciee lou

    i dont really know what to comment about this, but I dont have an emergency fund because i dont have any money. But i am starting to look for jobs because i need to prepare for my future college funds and car insurance, ect.. When I start making money I will definitely have an emergency fund along with a savings fund. Then the rest I will split into spending and tithing.

  3. Alexis

    I’m with Grace, I don’t really have an emergency fund because a lot of times I don’t have money! I have a little bit in my bank account at times, but usually it’s only because I’m saving up for something. But this is a really good idea, when I do get money, it’s smart to save some of it just in case something happens!

  4. Alicia

    hey people i go too school with tristian xD she told me too check it ouw and its soo cool 🙂 this is a good idea people could just save a little at a time like take a couple of dollars out of their paycheck a week and save up for a couple of years so they have it just in case , but im with Grace and Alexis on this one,

    1. Tristian Lechien

      Alicia.. I’m so proud of u trying to get back I gods word. It’s really making and impact on ur life.. I can tell! 😉 and with today’s Devo.. In just like grace. I don’t really have money so I dont think tht I have a emergency fund. Lol Alicia!! I’m just so flipping proud of u girl!!!! 🙂

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