Accountable to God- Day 35

February 24, 2012 

Today’s Text:  1 Timothy 5:8

Today’s Key Thought: A wise steward of their resources provides for their family.

The apostle Paul wrote to Timothy centuries ago informing him of how one should take care of their family. Paul told Timothy that believers should be known as people who are providers for their households.  In Timothy’s eastern culture the idea of family was much larger than that of our American culture. The family in eastern culture included each living generation which sometimes lived together under one roof. It was important for the men and women of these families who could provide for those in their household to do so. Although our concept of family is sometimes smaller in number, the principle stressed by Paul for believers to provide for their own is not. As believers, we are charged to be people who provide for our own families. As we provide, we take care of the family God has made us stewards of. It is important for men especially, to do all they can to provide for their families as the headship of their home. Today, many people rely solely on the government to provide for their families, while they can truly be doing more to provide for them themselves. The Bible equates those who choose to not provide for their families as worse than those who are unbelievers. A wise steward of their resources seeks to do all they can to provide for their family in every area.

You aren’t yet at the point of providing, but you can help your family in many different ways. As a provider, responsibility is sometimes a lot of work. How can you find ways to help your family share this load at home financially, spiritually, and emotionally? Your actions or lack of actions make a huge difference in making a difference in your family in these areas.

6 thoughts on “Accountable to God- Day 35

  1. Laura

    I have been blessed to have a wonderful husband who cares about his family and is a good provider. My husband has always done whatever he could to take care of me, then when the kids came along, and now even with his mom here. He works long hours and rarely complains. I used to help with the finances years ago when I was working. But when we decided to have children, we made the decision that I would stay at home to raise the kids. It is not always easy on the pocketbook but worth it in the long run. Over the years I haven’t necessarily been able to contribute financially to our family, but I have been able to take on other responsibilities that have made it easier for my husband to go off and work. In a marriage it is a joint effort to support a family.
    We have always said that we would be here for our extended family too if they ever needed us. I believe this is what families should be doing.
    If you are not able to help provide financially for your family at this time, which you shouldn’t have to do as kids anyways, you can do other things. Helping out around the house, making a meal, helping to watch younger siblings, and just being respectful and obedient can go a long way in being a good steward in your family. I know when my kids help me out, especially without being told, it is such a gift. I know in my house when there is no cooperation, it adds stress to the whole house. I don’t think that honors the Lord.

  2. Blake via

    I can help my family by just helping around the house like doing the dishes and keeping my room clean taking out the trash and I can help by being there for my family if someone in my family is upset with something or just worried or anything like that I can just be there for them.

  3. Alexis

    There’s definitely something unique about the relationships you have with your family. I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve had my share of fights and arguments with my family. But the thing is, even though we fight we’re still a family, and we still love each other. And as a family, we need to support each other and most of all love each other no matter what! The verse Ben gave us to memorize on Wednesday (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) can apply to loving our family too. It’s not always easy being nice and loving my family, actually most of the time it’s hard, but it’s totally worth it to love them anyway. 🙂
    Since we’re on the subject of family I have a couple prayer requests for my family..
    My older sister is really struggling financially right now, so she needs prayer. And for my grandma, she’s not saved, I’ll be seeing her this weekend and I’m praying I’ll have an opportunity to share the gospel with her!

  4. Graciee lou

    helping take care of my brothers and helping with chores definitely take some stress off of my mom. I cant help financially yet, but I think doing those things really help her out. I gotta admit those arent always the first thing on my mind. ‘what can i do to make them happy and less stressed today?’ That would be the optimal thing that I SHOULD be thinking…but in reality its more like ‘im gonna do this, what can I do for me? ugh hes so shut up’ haha. not so great. Overall, this is a really good lesson. Because I definitely notice a difference in my family (happy/stressed/ getting along/ fighting) when we all help eachother out. Things just go so much more smoothly and everyone is a lot happier when we are all looking out for eachothers needs. This goes back to LOVE-puts others ahead of themselves. Gotta get on that(;

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