Accountable to God: Day 41

March 6, 2012
Today’s Text: 1 Corinthians 16:1-2
Today’s Key Thought: Worshipful giving happens with fellow believers, and reflects what we have been given by God.

We will continue with traits of Worshipful giving.

Third, Worshipful giving is corporate.  Paul tells them to give “on the first day of the week” and directs it to “every one of  you.”  If he is writing to the church at Corinth, what happens on the first day of the week with everyone?  It was when the assembly (church) assembled.  It was to be part of their corporate worship.  When we come together as a church to worship God we do so in our singing, hearing God’s Word, responding to God’s Word, and supporting God’s work through our regular giving.  One should be no more worship than the other because all of these parts of our corporate participation should be acts of worship to God.

Fourthly, Worshipful giving is  proportionate. Paul told them to give “as God hath prospered him”.  This speaks to two different yet important truths.  First, everything I have comes from God.  When I give “as God hath prospered” then I am recognizing that it all comes from Him.  Secondly, it speaks to God’s expectation of the giver.  He does not compare amounts given, but rather the sacrifice of the giver.  There can’t be equal giving, but their can be equal sacrifice.  The most basic proportion of giving taught in the Bible and even commended by Jesus himself was the tithe.  It is giving 101, and should be done out of a heart of worship to God.


1.  Do you think of the offering time during church as part of our worship, just as much as the invitation and the singing?  Giving should be viewed as an act of worship to God!

2.  Is your percentage of giving reflecting how God has prospered you?  Greed is the assumption that everything I have is for my consumption. 


5 thoughts on “Accountable to God: Day 41

  1. Laura

    1) I think a lot of us make the mistake of thinking the word “worship” is associated only with the singing at the beginning of the service. I hear people say all the time ” I like the worship at that church!” They always are referring to the music. It is an important reminder that worship is so much more.
    The dictionary defines worship this way: reverence for a god, adoring reverence, formal expression of reverence.
    Another dictionary source Merriam Webster says this: form of religious practice with its creed and ritual, reverence paid to a divine being
    These definitions cover more than just music.
    With a better understanding of the word worship, I would definitely agree that the offering (giving) should be considered worship. Maybe we shouldn’t look at that time of the service as a time to chat with our friends while the music is playing, just sayin”. (Been guilty of this)
    2) I do think our percentage of giving reflects how God has prospered us. Of course, we could always do better. Being a part of the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace meetings should help us to better handle our finances which will allow for more generous over all giving. Everything is God’s. If we can get a handle on this, our worship in church would look differently.

  2. Blake via

    I did think at times that the offering was not part of the worship but it is the hole church servise is worship like taking notes and using what you learned in the message and singing I know not every body sings good like me i’m terrible but it’s a joyful noise that God wants to hear but i’m really glad I got on today this was an awesome devotion.

  3. Alexis

    I like how Paul tells them to give on the first day of the week, because giving to God always needs to come first before anything. If we wait to give to God, we might have spent all of our money then it’s like “Sorry God, I can’t give to you this week. Maybe next week” we don’t have to worry about that if we give to God first!
    And to answer the first question, yes! I think giving is a big part of worshiping God! Everything we have is Gods anyways, so when we give to Him it’s being a good steward because we know He asks us to give to Him. (Not because He needs money. I think it can teach us a lot by giving to God first!) Sorry I haven’t really been on here much.. It’s kinda sad that there’s not a lot of comments anymore 😦 I’m going to try and get back on here everyday! Hopefully more students will too. 🙂

  4. I think that the offering is definitely part of the church service cuz your giving to God and your worshipping! Also i am not greedy.i usually let others have the best and I get the worse.i do that cuz it makes God happy and me happy and of course that person I was giving to.overall,I love to give.i am a cheerful giver.great devo today! Sorry I haven’t been on been busy with my mom and other stuff see ya!😉

  5. Pastor has said that giving should be a time of great joy and triumphent worship! Back then, giving was such a joyous experience, people did it with such a loving and positive attitude, that it wasn’t a quiet gloomy time, but a bright and happy time. It was a way of expressing worship to God, just like Pastor Ben had mentioned like singing or an invitation. Giving should be something we should have such a positive attitude about and rejoice in all God has done for us. It’s a great way to start the week, as it is said to be done by Paul, and a way to recognize that God provides.
    When you think about it, 10% really seems to be a little amount in comparison to all God has blessed us with. 10% of $10 is only $1. That doesn’t seem like much, and we can all give at least that. It’s not about comparing how much another can give, but how much you can give personally, and more importantly how you should feel about giving. You should be able to give 10% without feeling like it’s a chore to be obedient to God, when sometimes that feeling is there. Giving should be something we do out of our hearts, and shouldn’t be a burrden, but a blessing.

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