Accountable to God: Day 56

March 27, 2012
Today’s Text: Matthew 28:18-20
Today’s Key Thought: What’s the main thing? Making disciples!

The imperative or command verb in Matthew 28:19 is the verb translated “teach” which comes from the Greek word transliterated “mathatusate” which literally means “make disciples”.  Let me say it more simply:  The command here is to make disciples while the words “baptizing” and “teaching” after that are the results of what “making disciples” looks like.

Let’s think very carefully about what it means to make a disciple.  The word disciple means “learner” or “follower”.  Remember who Jesus is talking to in this verse.  Say it with me class:  “The disciples!”  What had Jesus just spent 3 years doing with them?  He taught them what to do verbally.  He showed them what to do visibly.  He sent them to do what He had taught and watched them do it.  He had empowered the whole process with His finished work on the cross to pay for the sin of the whole world.  He had promised that He would send the Holy Spirit to be a part of this process.

So Jesus had very clearly illustrated and taught what he meant when he said make disciples.  We help people that are not following Jesus to follow Him.  To do this they must first turn from their sin to Jesus for forgiveness.  This is the most important decision anyone can ever make.  Jesus called this being “born again.”  This is the critical and beginning part of making disciples.


According to the Bible, what happens to someone if they do not ask for forgiveness for their sin?  Forgiveness is available.  People just need to know that it is offered.  We must be the ones to share this news with the world!

11 thoughts on “Accountable to God: Day 56

  1. Well,we need to tell them that forgiveness is offered.thats why we need to share the news is everyone can know that forgiveness IS available and that Jesus will forgive verse ninteen says ‘Go ye therefore,teaching all nations’ that’s what we need to do! Teach all nations.the whole you and see you tmrw!:)

  2. Laura

    If someone doesn’t get the opportunity to hear the gospel and ask for forgiveness and accept the gift of salvation from God through Jesus Christ His Son, then the answer is clear: The penalty is Hell–separation from God. When you just get right down to it, disciples have a huge responsibility in responding to the above command. When we become a disciple we need to share the gospel and make more disciples. Jesus started out with only 12 disciples. But 12 men could not possibly tell “everyone”. The more disciples there are, the more the gospel gets spread. People need a chance to be told so they can make a decision. Some will accept, and some wont. Our job is just to go out and tell. I could be a better disciple for sure.

  3. Blake via

    This is just an awesome devotion today if your still living right now if your still breathing God has a plan for you and me God wants us to go make desiples that’s not always easy but God is with us every step of the way.

  4. The bible makes it very clear that if you do not ask for forgiveness that you will spend an eternity in Hell separated from God. You know how amazing it is, that God gave us the opportunity through His son, to ask for forgiveness for our filthy sins, and get to spend eternity with God? No matter how many times I hear that, or hear that someone accepted Christ, I still get this overwhelming feeling of joy and love because I know how much God has done for me, and it’s so cool to see what He does in the life of others. Jesus started going into the world and preaching and baptizing. Making disciples so that they can continue to do the same. Someone in our lives has each been effected from this, because we are saved. We should want to, not just because it was commanded to, but we should want to do the same that was done for us. Share the name of Jesus.

  5. John (@jhayes861)

    Teaching the world is our responsibility, and if nothing else, then teach this one thing…the difference between wages and a gift. Wages are what is received deservedly, and for the sinner who does not receive forgiveness, their just payment is eternal separation from Almighty, Loving, Creating, and Eternal God. A gift is given not from deserving, but completely independent of “earning”. The gift of God is eternal life through the person of His Son, Jesus Christ, and it is available to everyone who asks. The teaching was started with just 12 men 2000 years ago, and the word is spread to us today. Beyond that, it goes as far as we take it. In gratitude we take this teaching “to the whole world” including who we meet along the journey “to the whole world”, and we do so because it is our “reasonable service”. When kept on God’s terms, it is simple enough for even me to understand, thankfully!

  6. you know,im so proud of everybody.for the past few days we’ve had more than 4 or 5 comments which is amazing! im soo happy everybody’s getting back on here and doing their devos! im soo proud!!! ❤ :):):):):):):):)

  7. graciee lou

    being disciples of Jesus is one of the most important commands God gives us. There is nothing more important than someones soul. God tells us all to be disciples and share the gospel because its important! obeying Him or ignoring Him can be the difference on whether that person has heard what they need to hear. We need to get over ourselves and just do it! Alot of times I let stuff get in the way. Ill have this conviction to say something but then I’ll think stuff like “they’ll think i’m weird…eh, doesnt matter someone else will probably tell them… they’ll find out eventually, i dont need to tell” I’ll be scared or I wont like the person so i just dont tell them…and that is so selfish. When it comes to eternity NOT telling someone about the gospel is just so silly. It doesn’t matter how cool you are, it matters that your soul is with God. Someone’s soul is more important than how cool you are or what they think about you. So .. GO FOR THE KILL! haha 🙂 get to work soul-winners 🙂

    thanks for the prayers for my friend. her aunt had a successful surgery and now she is recovering greatly

    1. So true Grace! I think sometimes we let our insecurities get the best of us, and don’t take a leap of faith for God. No matter how hard it is, God always proves Himself that He is worth it every single time!

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