Accountable to God: Day 43

March 8, 2012

Today’s Text: 2 Corinthians 9:6-7

Today’s Key Thought: Worshipful giving is both sacrificial and purposeful.
Today we transition to the second letter Paul wrote to Corinth.

Next we find that worshipful giving is sacrificial.  Paul tells the church at Corinth that sowing sparingly will lead to reaping sparingly, and sowing bountifully will lead to reaping bountifully.  Knowing that God has given us everything we have, and that He will bless our obedience in His way, why would we not want to give generously, and sacrificially?  He has given us so much.  Think about His sacrifice on our behalf!

We also find that worshipful giving is purposeful.   This is not to say that we can just decide to give a tiny amount and God will be ok with that because “that’s what I decided in my heart.”  Rather, our giving should be an expression of our heart, and should be a discipline of our lives because we have given our hearts to God.  We resolve to give from the inside because of the change that God has made in us.  As we our lead by the Spirit we give according to His leading our hearts.


Are you being lead by God in your giving?  Is it sacrificial?  Is it purposeful?  What do you think that kind of giving looks like?

3 thoughts on “Accountable to God: Day 43

  1. Laura

    I think we are obedient to what God tells us in scripture about giving. It is sacrificial and i believe for the most part purposeful. I do think we could do better though. I think as we continue to follow
    Dave Ramsey Financial Peace and start to have a better handle on our finances, it will help us to be more purposeful in our giving. l think the above giving looks like this: Listening to the Holy Spirit and giving more than is required if led to do so with a joyful heart. Not out of duty, but because we have a deep love for God and want to give back what is already His to further His kingdom. I would be over-joyed to be able to do more.

  2. Blake via

    What I think that would look like I think it would be giving no matter what was going on in life like giving even thou you don’t have a lot just being faithful that God will provide for you and then giving some back to him and not being cheap giving God back as much as he asked for 10% of every thing he gives you.

  3. Alexis

    I think what Jesus did on the cross is the perfect example of sacrifice. He seriously gave up everything when He got up on that cross. And I think it shows how selfless He is, because when he died on the cross He wasn’t thinking about Himself, He was thinking about us. Crazy right?!
    We should be the same with our giving. There’s things we’re going to need to give up when we give, which is not really a bad thing, although it might seem like it at the time. I think we need to be selfless when we’re giving too. We shouldn’t be thinking about ourselves, but God! Because it’s all about God, and He deserves all the glory 🙂

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