Accountable to God: Day 48

March 15, 2012
Today’s Text: Jeremiah 9:23-24
Today’s Key Thought: Don’t find your identity in what you have.

The last category that God tells us not to “glory” or find their identity in is “our riches”.  The ideas here is that just like we should not find our identity in what we know and what we can do, we should not find our identity in what we have.
Without reading below, take a few moments and on a separate sheet of paper list out the potential problems that we could encounter with finding our identity in what we have:
Here are a few that I thought of:
1.  There is not necessarily a connection between having a lot, and being right with God.  Sometimes God does bless us financially because of who we are and what we can do.  But just because you and I may have a lot doesn’t mean that we are what God wants us to be.
2.   No matter what you have, you aren’t promised to have it forever.  If your self-worth is wrapped up in what you have, what happens when you don’t have it anymore.
3.   There will always be someone who has more than you do.
4.  Ultimately, everything you have is God’s anyway.

It’s not a wise thing to find your identity in what you have.  How are you tempted to “glory in your riches?”

3 thoughts on “Accountable to God: Day 48

  1. Laura

    This one is pretty easy. I’m not rich. Lol. I get it, it’s not about how rich a person is because even people who aren’t rich still have “stuff”. I am definitely blessed and have more than a lot of people will ever have. We get comfortable for sure. All it takes is one natural disaster or a job loss to rock your world for a long time. I can’t imagine what that feels like. We shouldn’t get too attached to our things because they could really be taken away without a moment’s notice. It is pretty scary to park on this thought for too long. We should put our attention on people and use our energy to further God’s kingdom because the things on this earth only corrupt and rust. If we don’t rely too much on our “riches” we won’t be disappointed if they disappear unexpectedly, or at least we will cope with the loss a little easier.

  2. laura basically said what i was gonna say! good job! we shouldnt rely on our riches cuz like she said we wouldnt care if they went away! great devo! see u guys soon! love you!:):):):)

  3. I think this applies to me in the area of the clothes I wear and my style. I’ll be honest, I love to shop! And I love buying new outfits and stuff like that. But I shouldn’t be so concerned on what people think about my outer appearance that I don’t even take time to think about my inner appearance, which is what really matters! I heard this saying the other day: “Beauty is only skin deep” and I think that’s true. Just because you look good on the outside doesn’t mean you are actually good on the inside! So for me, the “riches” I tend to find my identity in is what I wear. Not really the best thing, but this devotion has opened my eyes a little that this won’t last forever and I need to be more concerned about Godly things rather than worldly things! 🙂

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