Accountable to God: Day 49

March 16, 2012 
Today’s Text: Jeremiah 9:23-24
Today’s Key Thought:  Find your identity in knowing God!
So if God commands us not to find our identity in what we can do, what we know, and what we have, what should we glory in?
Hopefully you know by now, and I hope that this week’s verse really has impacted the way you think about yourself.  Here’s the verse:
“But let him that glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the Lord which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness, in the earth: for in these things I delight, saith the Lord.”
We are to find our glory, our identity, our self-worth not in what we know, do, or have, but rather in our relationship with God.
Now like we did yesterday, without reading below, list out why it would be wise for us to find our glory in knowing God.
Here are some I thought of:
1.  God’s love for us is unchanging.  2.  Even though what we do, know, and have is fleeting, we will have relationship with God forever.  3. It is by having a relationship with God that we can have, do, and know the right things that He would have for us.  4.  It is by having a relationship with God that we will spend eternity in heaven.
Can you honestly say that your primary identity, glory, and self-worth is found in your relationship with God?

6 thoughts on “Accountable to God: Day 49

      1. I keeP hitting the post button sorry

        The other half of the time I glory in other things like riches.i don’t like glorying in riches cuz I know I won’t have them f

        1. I know I won’t have them forever but sadly I act like I will and I shouldn’t.besides we can only sPend eternity in heaven if we have a relationship with God! Sorry I kept Hitting the post button but great devo! See u guys soon!(; love ya!💛💙💜💗💚❤

  1. Laura

    Honestly speaking, my identity probably isn’t found in my relationship with God all the time as it should be. However, I do recognize that without God I wouldn’t even have an identity. My relationship with the Lord could be a lot closer right now than it is. I find it odd that when I am wrapped up in the problems of the world, (for me what is happening here at home), I catch myself all the time relying more on myself than God. I do realize this and try to correct it right away. It is like a bad habit. When I need God the most I am not leaning on Him. Doesn’t really make sense. I don’t know if growing up unsaved and never having relied on God for such a long time helps to foster this bad habit, or if that is just an excuse. Either way, I need to do a better job in this area. Please continue to pray for me and my family at this time.

    1. Grace

      sometimes instead of finding my identity in God I find it in things like what people think of me or whether im likedby everyone…but instead i shouldnt be focused on what people think at all. i should be focused on living for God and if they like me they like me if they dont they dont, at least im doing what God wants. Besides when i see people who are truly christians i dont know why but i can just see it flowing from them and they have this spark, mostly everybody likes them anyway. Doing what God wants gives you this natural glow and beauty. you’re beautiful inside and out. Those are the kinds of people who are my role models and they encourage me to try and be more christlike.

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