Accountable to God: Day 50

March 19, 2012
Today’s Text: Psalm 19:1-6
Today’s Key Thought: Nature tells all men everywhere about God.

Have you ever been through the mountains? A couple of summers ago I went with our youth group to Guadalajara Mexico. On one trip to the Pacific Ocean we drove through the mountains. With every turn of the corner we were able to see a new panoramic view of God’s creation as we took our dangerous treck on a mountain road. If you’re ever at Sonshine at around sunset you will notice the incredible western sky in all of God’s glory. The Psalmist in today’s text says that nature can tell us something about God. It shows his power, creativity, and vastness. We serve a big God. Every time you see a volcano erupt or a caterpillar become a butterfly it reveals something to us about God.

The theme of the week is that we have a stewardship of God’s revelation to us. One of the ways we can be a good steward of the God’s revelation through nature is to study science. True, testable science is simply an exploration into what God has created. Truth about God’s creation can be used in conversation to point people to God. Take some time today to thank God for declaring His glory in His creation.

9 thoughts on “Accountable to God: Day 50

  1. Laura

    I’m not sure I was capable of appreciating God’s handy-work as we were heading through the mountains of Mexico! Fear enveloped me!! just kidding, sort of. It was beautiful. I thank God for the gift of His creation. I notice it daily in different ways. I do agree Sonshine has a beautiful skyline, I notice it every time I am there. I appreciate the view and sounds of the ocean, and I still am amazed by the vast sky, moon and stars at night. It is impossible to look around and not ponder about our Creator. There is something amazing to see every where we look if we just take the time to soak it in. Thank you God

  2. Blake via

    God’s creation is just so amazing and I really take it for granted and I will definitly pray and thank him for what he’s done.

  3. Ryan via

    I do a lot of camping and recently I was on a hike and just looking around to what was around me really opened my eyes. Its incredible how everything works together from the ecosystems to something like the water cycle. It’s pretty amazing!

  4. The beauty God has created in this world just astounds me. It’s so amazing.some take it for granted example is very cautious about littering.i try not to do it cuz i don’t want to destroy God’s’s amazing.sunsets,mountains,waterfalls,beautiful hikes are just part of it.God’s beauty is everywhere and we shouldn’t take it for granted.thank you God for the beauty you have created in the world.its truly beautiful the works of your hand.i don’t take it for granted cuz I love it.thank you God!!!!! This was an awesome devo today!!!!! See u guys soon!!! Love ya!!(:

  5. gracieelou

    This is really true! Science was always my favorite subject, well until recently cuz it got all complicated….but anyways! my point was, science used to be my favorite subject because its so amazing how everything works. You’re going to tell me this happened by accident? ANY snigle thing you look at is intricately designed. When you’re forming in your mom into a cute little guy, if your body put just ONE protein in the wrong place.. you can end up having some kind of autism, an extra leg, ect. The only difference between me and my cat is the number of chromosomes i have. We are made up of so many complicated processes. its incredible! yet people still think we just assembled ourselves one day, by accident…-___- There is obviously a lot of intricate design in the way we are made if a few chromosomes is the difference between a piece of grass and a bird. Look at the water cycle. Water figured out a way to go up into clouds and then return in a way that would also benefit the plants, oh i forgot to mention that happened by accident too….. and the sun being at just the right distance to not smolder or freeze us…..yep, thats an accident too. Food chains, the way bugs help the environment, the oxygen cycle….all accidents. How can people believe that! Everywhere I look its a reminder that God is just so amazing. Everything he made is just so beautiful and breathtaking. I haven’t the slighest clue how someone can look at all of it and say “yep, just another one of those accidents” This. All of this amazing creation. It wasn’t an accident and it just proves how great our God is. You try creating something from nothing sometime(;

  6. I’m with Laura, on the car ride in Mexico I was a bit car-sick so I wasn’t paying as much attention to the scenery. But ohh man, on the way back it was absolutely amazing!
    It’s easy to get so wrapped up in our day-to-day life that we don’t realize the beauty that is all around us! Especially this time of year in Florida, the last thing I want to do is go outside when 80 degrees out. But God’s creation is seriously so cool! And we need to be good stewards of the nature and things that God has created. Now I’m not really someone who’s all “save the earth and go green!” but I think I can be good a steward of God’s creation anyways 🙂

  7. I remember the car ride in Mexico as if it were yesterday. Mexico was my first trip out of the country and I remember thinking about how different it was there then in Florida. I was recently in the Bahamas and I saw again the difference of the country, but it also had beauty to it. The water was the color of the sky and the scenery was just a new adventure. It’s so amazing when you think about all of the things God created. You think about the seven days that He created the earth and Adam & Eve and all the animals and how astonishing it is that such a God could do something so amazing in a weeks time. We’ve been talking about how it took Nehiamiah 52 days to build a wall, which seems fairly quick to us now with all of this technology that we have, and you compare a wall to all that God has crafted and it is simply mind blowing. Science is a great topic but often a controversial one, but it’s a subject that can lead into the beauty of creation. I’m so thankful for a God who took the time and effort for creation.

  8. John (@jhayes861)

    Nicely done today you guys, (and gals, as usual)! 🙂
    Nice mountain reference Pastor Ben, although many times I tried to enjoy the mountain views I almost drove OFF the mountain; I think I may have even made our Mexican hosts nervous a few times. God is immense, and immensely creative. Look around our youth group, and then the world around us…so much beauty and variety, and all for us to enjoy. Part of enjoying something is in discovering how it works, and how to keep it working well, so you can continue to enjoy it–that’s where stewardship can come in for us in His handiwork. As we take care of what He made for us to enjoy, don’t forget as you look at one another, that WE are his creative work too… I love you guys and thank God for you all! Have a great week.

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