Accountable to God: Day 51


March 20, 2012
Today’s Text: Hebrews 1:1-3
Today’s Key Thought:
God has revealed himself in the person of Jesus Christ.


“God, who at sundry…prophets”- In the Old Testament God chose to speak through prophets.  These prophets message was “thus saith the Lord.”  They spoke on His behalf.


“Hath in these last days….Son”– Think about this:  When God spoke through the prophets, He was choosing to speak through men.  When Jesus came, God became a man.  Jesus was God revealing Himself to us in human form.


“Who being…high”- The God who created everything came, revealed himself to us, and then died on the cross to pay for our sins.  When it was all complete He sat down at the right hand of God the Father.




God didn’t just tell us what to know and believe.  He came and showed us what we should know and believe.  He died for our sins, and everything that needs to happen for your sin and mine to be paid for has been completed.  Have you received his payment for your sins?  When was the last time you thanked Him for revealing Himself to you?

9 thoughts on “Accountable to God: Day 51

  1. Laura

    First of all, I was so encouraged when I woke up this morning and saw how you guys got back on to do your devos yesterday. I have been lacking in the “encouragement” category for a few weeks and that was a real blessing. I know personally how easy it can be to get off track from reading our bible and doing our devotionals. I especially think this time of year we all start to slide a little and we need to be there to lift each other up and be an encouragement. You guys are like family to me and I so appreciate all your great insight yesterday. Love u all

  2. Laura

    I am so thankful that God saw fit to send His Son to die for little ole’ me. When I think of how many people will never accept a personal relationship with Jesus Christ but yet He revealed himself to me, it is quite humbling. Thank you God for giving your Son for me.

  3. I haven’t really thanked him lately about revealing himself.thats not good.i should be and I’m gonna do it right now.. Thank you God for revealing yourself to the universe and this is not something you told us to believe.that YOU came down to the earth and SHOWED us what to believe! Thank you God.

  4. Aww that’s so nice Laura! I think of you as family too! I’m happy we’ve been encouraging you during the trial you and your family is dealing with right praying!! Love you too!<3 🙂

  5. I think it’s cool what Ben said about God not just telling us what to believe, He literally came to earth and showed us what to believe! He’s like the ultimate role model 😉 But God didn’t have to send His Son to this world to die for us, He wanted to. And He did it our of love! Now that’s unconditional love! It just makes me so thankful for what He did! 🙂

    1. Tristian Lechien

      True tht Alexis!!!!! I totally believe tht god sent his son to die for us cuz he had to.. Just cuz he wanted to. Tht little thing just shows how cool and good god is! And c u guys tmrw! 🙂

      Oh… And pastor Ben. Did u ever work out the seat thing for me with the student Confrence? We can talk tmrw about it of u want! And I need all the details for my parents! 😉

  6. When you start to think about the things that God has done for each of us, it’s truly remarkable. It’s impossible for us to comprehend everything He has and continues to do, and know why He does it. God shows us what love is, and that is exactly what He showed by sacrificing His son, and flesh for us. It’s incredible when you think about Jesus. God could’ve simply wrote in the sky everything He wanted to tell us to make matters easier, but because God is gracious and His love is something none of us can express because it is so impeccable, He sent His son Jesus, and revealed Himself through Him.

    On Sunday night during Corey’s ordination service, Ben’s dad said to Corey, that he prays that he will never get tired of what God has done for him, and that he will still feel so greatful for everything God has done. This devotion today makes me think about how no one should ever get tired of hearing all that God has done for us, because God has given us a gift greater then anything, and He’s loved us and continues to love us better then anyone will ever love us. It is truly amazing.

  7. graciee lou

    When I think about it.. I really haven’t taken the time to thank God for revealing himself. I really should do that. I feel like i have taken that for granted because there are so many people who dont have Him. But i do! and I am so lucky for that. The other day i was listening to “give me your eyes” by brandon heath and it made me think about how important every single persons soul is. “all those people going somewhere, why have i never cared?” listen to it. It’s a really great song. It makes you realize how lucky you are that Jesus died for YOU and it makes you just want to run up and down the streets telling everyone the great news xD This song really convicts my heart.

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