Accountable to God: Day 53


March 22, 2012
Today’s Text: 1 Peter 1:20-21
Today’s Key Thought: God’s Word should be our ultimate authority.

Not only has God revealed Himself to us in creation, and through the person of Jesus Christ.  He has revealed Himself to us clearly, authoritatively and miraculously through the Bible.

Peter tells his readers that we don’t make the meaning of scripture.  What God meant when he wrote scripture through “holy men of God” has been determined by Him and should be discovered by us.

Peter helps us to understand that the writing of scripture wasn’t something that was planned by men and then used by God.  God moved the writers of scripture to write exactly what He wanted them to write while still using their unique writing styles, gifts, talents and abilities.


Since the Bible is God’s Word it carries all of His authority.  Is there anything that you’re doing that is directly disobeying scripture?

7 thoughts on “Accountable to God: Day 53

  1. Laura

    oh I could think of a few things……………. lol. I make my share of mistakes especially when I am out of God’s Word too much. Lately, with everything going on in this house it has been an easy door for satan to attack. I need extra prayer these days. I am so out of my normal routine right now that it is definitely having an impact. It is important to remember that God used men to write His Word. I think it is cool that He still did it using each unique personality and style.

    1. Sorry I hit the post button AGAIN what i was saying that one of them is not being in his word.when I’m not in his word Satan could come and attack at anytime.the second thing s that I’ve kinda been talking behind this girls back because of what she does tO everyone and the COOL act she puts on f

      1. Sorry my sister was moving the bed and I hit the post button so this girl puts On a cool act for everyone and it gets annoying.i talk behind her back cuz I feel better talking about it.i know it’s n

          1. graciee lou

            well theres a difference between talking about it and telling everybody how annoying she is 😉

  2. graciee lou

    there are definitely a few things i could name but im really trying to stop them. they are really bad habits and i really cant wait for the youth conference because one on one time with God is always amazing. I always get straightened out and learn something amazing. Thank you God for letting me go to it. I was sure my mom would say no when i told her it was on thursday but she still said yes 🙂 so happy!

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